Some kids can develop their skills, while others can only dream of this. That’s why Spiżarnia Foundation aims to support local gifted children by giving them the opportunities they do not have.

The Story of Baśka

Baśka is 35 and she runs a horse stud. She knows her way around animals like nobody else. She’s been in love with horses since she was a child. And she was lucky, because her family’s household budget enabled her to develop her hobby. When she grew up, that gave her the confidence in her own abilities and the courage to test them and go her own way. 

Now, thanks to that, she runs her business, which is also her passion and a way to help other people. Some people can develop their talents like Baśka, while others can only dream of this. That’s why Spiżarnia Foundation aims to support local gifted children by giving them new opportunities.

Young Sporting TalentPetis from the Lublin Region 

If you know someone who is a passionate and talented horse rider with some achievements to account for that but without the funds for equestrian equipment or riding lessons – let us know. If you know someone who is an amazing footballer but lives far from the training pitch and cannot afford to travel there – let us know.

If you know a football school in your town or village that is really committed to its work but unable to afford new training kits, or perhaps you’ve heard that some of the young players need new shoes or funds for public transport fares – let us know. If your daughter, son, or grandchild has a talent or passion but cannot develop it for financial reasons – let us know.

Talents in Education

Every child has incredible potential. They only need the right tools to discover it. Education scholarships for children and teenagers from the Lublin region are a great way to support that.

Innovation can change the world.
With the right tools at hand, children can become the greatest innovators in their fields. That’s why Spiżarnia Foundation supports them with extracurricular classes and activities, courses, workshops, and meetings, as well as grants and in-kind scholarships.

We help to solve the current educational problems of children.
A monthly stipend can help children and adolescents to go forward without getting stuck in educational problems. With regular support, they are able to go to university in large academic centres in Poland and abroad, pay to take part in science camps or conferences, and buy learning aids. Our goal is to equip them with the resources that will enable them to grow and develop.

Spiżarnia Talents

Our values are transparent: at Spiżarnia, we respect each other, we work with passion and honesty, and we take responsibility for our actions and environment.

These are not empty corporate catchphrases.
Our company is a place where we want to feel safe and appreciated. That’s why Spiżarnia Foundation takes the employees’ kids under its wing, nurturing their passions, accomplishments, and interests. We support them and invest in their development in accordance with our internal rules and regulations.


One of our objectives is to create equal opportunities for children.That’s why we’ve taken on the greatest challenge of providing them with the right tools for growth. We are going to organise educational workshops and activities for children – we’ll tell you more about them soon!

Be Green for Future Generations

We are proud of the place we come from – the Lublin region.
The region of Lublin is famous for the beauty of its natural environment. Here, you can find repose in the nooks and crannies of the forests, meadows and fields. Every year, our land shares its yield with us. That’s why we want to take care of the space around us by planting trees and caring for bees.

Trees are our allies in fighting climate change.
Trees offset carbon footprint, contribute to the living world around them, make us healthier, and help us preserve the natural environment for future generations. Beekeeping is crucial for maintaining ecological balance and sustainable food production. We bet you can’t imagine your life without the delicious honey that bees produce!

For us, taking care of the environment is all about small daily choices.
In the kitchens at Spiżarnia, we sort waste and we don’t use disposable utensils. What’s more, our plan is to encourage all employees to resign from driving a car to work at least once a week and ride a bicycle instead.

You Can Help Too!

The main goal of Spiżarnia Foundation is to help wisely. Thanks to our Benefactors, we can achieve more. Our activities are transparent – every person who decides to support Spiżarnia Foundation will receive a monthly report of our operations. Together, we can multiply kindness and create more opportunities.

Support young sporting talents from the Lublin region

Support the education of talented kids

Help us organise workshops that will create equal opportunities for the kids’ present and future

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