A few words about the company

We are one of the largest Polish companies distributing goods from the FMCG sector, i.e. food products (sweets, preserves, cured meats, dairy products) and chemical and cosmetic articles from warehouses in Poland abroad.Spiżarnia is a leading distributor of Polish products in the British Isles, but also in Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

We are distinguished by our extensive range of products from the domestic market, which comprises over 10,000 assortment items and the list is growing all the time.

We work with the most well-known brands, but we also appreciate artisans and small businesses. Our pride are the brands available only in our offer: Marcinowa Spiżarnia, Polska Wieś, Swojscy and Wiejski Młyn. They stand out for their high quality and delicious taste, which is appreciated by our customers.

We are therefore able to meet the needs of any retailer.

We offer dozens of food categories: sweets, coffees and teas, preserves, beverages, cold cuts, meat, chilled products including dairy and fats, ready-made cakes, vegetables and chemical and cosmetic items and seasonal products.

In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we continue to expand our range.

Orders are fulfilled from our warehouse in Poland, so we deliver goods of the highest quality, offer competitive prices and guarantee a very high delivery percentage.

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Our strengths:

We ensure that products are delivered to a standard that complies with current standards, thanks to a modern fleet of delivery vehicles equipped with, among other things, isothermal enclosures and equipped with refrigeration units.

And Market
We are constantly working to develop a partner network of local entrepreneurs. We observe the market, creating favourable commercial conditions for the development of local business, while at the same time focusing on flexible cooperation terms and offering affordable prices under the &market brand.

Complete service
We take care of every stage of cooperation with the customer. We provide full support in terms of comprehensiveness of supply service, stability of commercial conditions. We develop sales tools, expand the ordering system, provide storage and transhipment facilities, deliver the assortment to the customer.

We are constantly increasing the number of assortments, adapting to the market and listening to the needs of customers and consumers. We currently have over 11,000 assortment items. We are the leading distributor of Polish products on the islands.

We focus on transparent business conditions by creating an attractive discount system. For our customers, we offer promotional newspapers, sales support actions and special offers on the sHurt online platform.

European reach
Today, with our services, we reach several Western European countries. Our ambitions go even further, which is why we are constantly expanding and improving.

The Pantry’s main logistics centre is located in Lublin. The warehouse has an area of 20,000 m². In addition, we have five cross-dock warehouses in England in London, Manchester, Lincoln and Northern Ireland in Portadown and in the Netherlands in Zevenbergen.

Modern Ordering System
Thanks to the sHurt ordering platform, placing an order is very easy (int