We create a reliable and professional company, constantly expanding our knowledge and skills to fully meet the needs of our trading partners. We offer an experienced sales team, friendly and professional service as well as modern cooperation methods.

The high quality of services is primarily a wide range of satisfied customers with whom we work for many years.

The company’s mission is to continuously support the pantry clients by creating a market competitive conditions of distribution, based on the trade partnership, flowing from the canons of business ethics and rules of fair trading.

Our strengths:

We provide delivery of products to standards consistent with applicable standards, thanks to modern fleet of delivery trucks, equipped including in isothermal housings and with refrigeration units.

And Market
We are constantly working on developing a partner network of local entrepreneurs. We observe the market, creating favorable conditions for trade for the development of local business, while putting on flexible terms of cooperation and offering affordable prices under the brand & market.

Full service
We take care of every stage of cooperation with the client. We provide full support in the area of comprehensive delivery service, stability of trade conditions. We create sales tools, expand the order system, provide warehouse facilities and transhipment warehouses, and provide the client with an assortment.

We are constantly expanding the range of products, adapting to the market and listening to the needs of customers and consumers. Currently over 10,000 product items. We are a leading distributor of Polish products on the islands.

We focus on transparent commercial conditions, creating an attractive discount system. For our clients, we offer promotional brochures, sales support campaigns, special offers on the sHurt online platform.

European range The company is a distributor of goods FMCG. We operate in Great Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands and Belgium delivering goods directly to the customer.

The main logistics center is located in Lublin. The warehouse has an area of 11000m2. In addition, the company has five cross-dock warehouses in England in London, Manchester, Lincoln and Northern Ireland in Portadown and in the Netherlands in Zevenbergen.

Modern ordering system
Thanks to the sHurt ordering platform, placing an order is very simple (intuitive) and quick. The sHurt system is flexible and adapted to the expectations of our customers.

Distribution on the POLISH MARKET!
From March 2019, we also supply our products to stores in Poland.