We are working together for success.

We are aware that everyone is important. We believe that this is the only way to build partnerships with customers and company employees.

We rely on collaboration, because we believe that as a team, this is what makes us reliable. Together we achieve our goals, take care of our customers, support each other, respect each other and communicate openly with each other.


We take responsibility for our own actions, anticipate and consider the consequences of our decisions.

We take responsibility for employees, for their career development, for customers, for the environment.


We like challenges. They are a source of positive energy for us and a motivation for effective action.

 We are one strong team, trusting, supporting and motivating each other.

We work with passion on an equal footing pursuing a common goal.


We want respect  to be a signpost in the relationship between us, our customers and our contractors.

So that it determines our approach to the projects we run, our professional integrity and professionalism, our honesty and listening to the opinions of others.

We respect our clients and each other.


We are honest in the performance of our professional duties, we are honest in our relationships.

All of this is fundamental to our functioning at the Pantry.

We are honest because honesty is the basis of trust, which is essential for building long-term and valuable relationships with customers, employees, business partners and society.


Client-centricity – that is, a focus on the customer, their experience, needs and expectations.

We are aware that every employee of the Pantry, regardless of their scope of tasks or place in the organisational structure, has an impact on customer satisfaction. It is for the customers that we take on new challenges every day and, in the spirit of fair play, we build transparent rules of cooperation – in a friendly way supporting their development.