1. The time limit for submitting a complaint.

The time for a customer/sales representative to submit a complaint is 48 hours from the time of delivery (including weekends).

The Complaints Department  is obliged to consider the complaint within 5 days from the date of submitting the complaint (not including weekends and non-working days).

2. The process of lodging a complaint

All complaints should be lodged directly via the complaint form or to the sales representative.

A complaint lodged correctly should include:

  • the invoice number to which the complaint relates,
  • customer’s name or number,
  • information indicating the irregularities and circumstances justifying the complaint,
  • in the event that damage to products is reported, illustrative photos with visible damage, and in the case of short expiry dates, a photo with a visible expiry date and production batch number,
  • in case of complaints about products that contain any manufacturing defect – illustrative photos with a visible production batch number should be attached.

If the data provided in the notification need to be supplemented, the complaint department is going to ask the customer / salesman to supplement the information in the indicated areas.

The complaint department will consider the application within 5 days from the date of receipt of the complaint in the correct form.

3. Designing and executing advertisement and PR campaigns

Deficiencies in delivery at the customer’s premises reported directly by the customer or by the trader are verified by the warehouse in Lublin. Further, information is sent to the person reporting the release of the goods – if the goods have been released, this is confirmed by a CCTV recording (the recording includes the moment of scanning the given goods by the warehouse keeper and putting them on the client’s pallet) or photos of the pallets prepared for the given client.

CCTV recording / a photo of the pallet, which shows the product reported as missing in delivery – it is a proof that the goods have been delivered to the customer.

4. Returns

All returned products should not contain a defect other than the defect reported in the complaint.

Final Provisions

The discounted product (the price visible on the S-HURT ordering platform) is not subject to a complaint for a defect that caused the discount.

After considering the complaint, the customer will receive a corrective invoice or information in the event of rejection of the complaint.

The Complaints Department has the right to reject a submitted complaint if there are no grounds for a positive consideration.