Thank you for your great involvement in the competition. The number of applications exceeded our wildest expectations. The quality of all the works was very high and the competition for the main prizes was even. We are happy that you wanted to devote your time, you made us so happy!

It’s time for results. We are pleased to announce that:

The main prizes, i.e. laptops, go to stores:

KOPERNIK 468 Londyn

Maya Supermarket Southampton

oraz Polo Smak Helmond

Due to a very even fight for the main prizes, we decided to award additional prizes to 4 more works. Special prizes funded by Presidents, smartwatches are awarded to stores:

7Days Taunton Ltd

Alicja Ltd Carmarthen

Nav Polaski 263

Taste of Poland Aylesbury

Other participants receive a consolation prize, the band smartband.

Thanks again to everyone for participating in the competition and your wishes for the Spizarnia!

We are glad that we have such great customers!

Competition Rules